These classes are awesome! Dylan explains almost every single stroke of the brush. If you’re even remotely interested in learning his technique I encourage you to give his online workshops a try. I’m sort of new to watercolor and he will launch you a few light years ahead in your studies.

-David H.

I thought I would mention a few things from your video's that really have helped me.  One was the video on lost and found edges, the one on how to remove paint or soften an edge and the whole juxtaposing method.  Also, don't let me forget about the lesson on matching wetness to keep hard edges from forming.  Wow, I have learned a lot from you Dylan.  I will be signing up again soon for more videos, but I felt I needed to practice what I had learned to totally absorb the information.  I learn by watching and then by putting it into practice.  

-Nancy L

"Your lessons are hugely efficient!! I’m so happy to have found you and that you do this so generously. Even if I know quite some basics, you take me further and give me confidence confirming what I found myself. You give the tools and information to make it to another level. I’m just starting and I‘m so grateful!! Thank you so much for your help and generosity Dylan!!"

-Helen S

"I have taken several workshops/classes from Dylan and each time I am impressed by his incredible talent both as an artist and as a teacher. Not only does he provide clear and detailed instruction on technique during his demonstrations, he also offers guidance on how to produce brilliant translucent colors and outstanding compositions. After each demonstration, the students are given time to practice what they have learned while he provides gentle, constructive feedback. As an added bonus, the online lessons on his website reinforce the learning. Thank you Dylan, for helping me to move my watercolor skills to the next level!"

-Jeannie E.

"Dylan is an incredibly talented artist and teacher.  He is a very patient teacher and generous with tips and tricks.  His methodology results in realistic skin tones and special ethereal effects.  Don’t hesitate to sign up for classes and on-line tutorials."

-Carol U

I like your course a lot so far… Ive always admired a ‘fresh’ & loose style. Most realist painters I see dont make me feel anything… their work is dead, lifeless, ACCURATE, but lifeless… and usually very stiff. Your stuff on the other hand was the first realist/semi-realist work which actually feels very fresh and light, so I very deeply admire those qualities. I bought it because anyone that has those qualities I feel I can learn from, and your videos are no exception. Keep up the good work.

-Travis M

I just really wanted to be sure you know that, in addition to being a magician with a brush, you are equally talented as a teacher. Many years in my teaching career were focused on teacher training so I consider myself to be an excellent judge! Lol. The new site is really well done... simple to use, nice and clean. You and your mom can be very proud of the work you have done. Truly. "

-Maggie C 

“I have tried to paint with watercolors since high school, even after a semester of watercolor painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art, I have found it frustrating. Painting with Dylan was a revelation. My skills took a leap and bound during the 2 day workshop. “ 

-Quinlan Visual Center for the Arts Student

"From juxtaposition of colors, matching wetness, dry on damp, lost and found edges and gradual layers of wet-on-wet - there's just so much to learn from Dylan's online classes. Each video shows you a step-by-step process on how those ethereal paintings came to be. I've always wanted to finish a painting in less than 10 minutes, but now I've learned to be patient and enjoy the process. Thanks Dylan! You're an inspiration."

-Bianca L.

"Dylan Pierce has SO much to share! If you have a serious interest in watercolor, start here!! And if you have some experience, you will love how Dylan's teaching takes you to new levels you didn't know you could do!"

-Veronica C.