Suggested Supplies:

Colors must be tube, not cake. Artist Grade Watercolors. Dylan’s palette is set laid out with opposites (complements) across from each other in the order the colors are listed below.

Brands are indicated by:

MG = M. Graham & C. DS = Daniel Smith WN = Winsor & Newton Qor = Qor

Palette Layout (opposites across from each other):

Gamboge (MG)                -     Ultramarine Violet (MG)

Transparent Pyrrole Orange (Qor) - Ultramarine Blue (MG)

Burnt Sienna (WN)            -    none

Pyrrole Scarlet (DS)          -     Manganese Blue Hue ((MG)

Brown Madder (WN)         -    Antwerp Blue (WN)

Quinacridone Rose (MG)  -    none

Amethyst Genuine (DS)    -    Hookers Green (MG)

Cobalt Blue Violet (DS)     -    Sap Green (MG)

Ult. Violet (MG) (repeated)   -  Azo Yellow (MG)

(Princeton Neptune, Quill #4

Princeton Neptune 1” Oval Wash Brush

Cotman or any fine quality synthetic, round brushes in sizes: 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 Cheap synthetic 1/2 inch angle brush for scrubbing

Dylan’s Favorites (optional):

DaVinci #6 Cat’s Tongue Petit Gris Brush (Mary Whyte) (


Very important for paper to be excellent quality, high rag content.

Dylan’s preferred paper is Arches cold pressed, 640 gsm. Please no pads or blocks.


paper towels, water container, sketchpad, masking tape, kneaded eraser, roll of toilet paper #2 pencils pencil sharpener, masking fluid (Pebeo High-Precision mask pen)

The Masterson Aqua-Pro Palette is a nice option for this layout. 

Dylan's color wheel may be purchased at